We offer all doctors and practices a free no obligation audit of your website and social media channels. You can use the results of the audit for your own benefit or pass onto the people currently responsible for managing your internet and social media marketing.

Some of the areas that are covered in the audit include the following:

  • Evaluation of your website
  • Identifying the website’s weaknesses
  • Does it load slowly?
  • Does it look aesthetically appealing?
  • Is the content compelling?
  • Does the website include video content?
  • Are the “Call To Actions” clear?
  • Is the website mobile-friendly?
  • Does it load slowly on mobile?
  • Does it look aesthetically appealing on mobile?
  • Are the website’s sales-funnel easy to follow? Is it simple for a customer to make contact or book an appointment?
  • Evaluation of all your Social Media Channels
  • How often are you posting content?
  • Is the content compelling?
  • Is there a measurable amount of engagement on your posts? (i.e high amount of likes, comments, shares, reposts, etc)
  • Which posts get the highest engagement?
  • Is the content of the posts consistent with the brand?
  • Do you offer discounts to customers if they post about your business
  • etc

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